Fed up with the culture and toxic nature of the construction companies Forrest had worked at, one day he up and quit his job in construction management knowing that there had to be a change. Forrest, owner of Eagle Eye Productions loved his industry and saw a cultural decline from his years in the field and the office. There was one problem however. There were great things about the blue collar world. Great people, great companies and wonderful people to do work for, but no one was showing them off. Their stories were not being told and it was near impossible to find good companies to work for or good employees to help build an existing company culture. There had to be a way of fixing this issue. There, Eagle Eye Productions was born. With a focus on people and telling the true, gritty, and genuine blue collar stories.

The construction industry is different from any other industry. It cannot be treated with traditional marketing techniques. There has to be a higher purpose than just growing profits. It has to be the growth of the people within the industry and in turn the industry itself. The profits will follow.

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Building up the blue collar industries

The Blue-collar industry has never had a good name when it comes to taking care of people. There has historically been a bad taste about entering the trades. An idea that you cannot make a living and you will always be treated poorly. This is changing. We are creating a community to make the blue-collar world a place to be proud again.

Creating a community led by values that provides limitless boundaries

Our mission of creating a community is not something we can accomplish alone. Through our partners and support from everyone in the industry, we can make that community a reality and drive people to make those accomplishments that would have been called crazy before. Limitless boundaries are possible through each other.

We are all
about the

This industry is nothing without the quality people that work in it. There are a lot of bad apples, but that is changing. The people who have values, character and loyalty are making a difference. Building our communities. Those are the stories worth focusing on. Let us tell yours and your teams.

Don't apologize for speaking the truth
People now days fear speaking out. Scared of what they will be viewed as. If you are speaking the truth speak it confidently. Do not apologize for standing up for what you believe.
Never allow your past to guide your future
Good or bad choices, we have a past, and we have a future. The past should never stay the same. Only the experience from where you have come should guide your future. Make it great. No excuses, just results.
Don't be afraid to ask for help
There is no shame in asking for help. There is only shame in causing failure due to incompetence caused by pride.
Win as a team lose as a team
Look at value three. Your team should know what you are working on and you should know what they are working on. Work as a team. When you succeed, celebrate together. When you fail, perfect the process as a team.
Raise the blue collar industry
In everything we do, we do it to raise people up. We do not bring people down. We educate, elevate and encourage everyone we encounter.
Always shoot for perfection
We will never be perfect but If we don’t shoot for perfection then we aren’t giving enough of our selves to change the world for better.
Consistency breeds results
There is success in great processes. Processes have routine. Consistency through each task creates routine and therefore breeds success.
Be a leader
There are not many leaders out there now days. Being a leader does not mean being first. It means doing what others don’t want to, go places people wouldn’t and be better that those that aren’t but still have the humility to put those people higher than yourself.


Forrest Dohrmann


Karissa Dohrmann

Web designer

Greg Mack

Graphic designer

Cameron Moore

Client Management Coordinator

Carlie Shearer


There is an enormous amount of risk in the construction industry between safety, people and what they do on a daily basis. You don't need a marketing team to add to that stress. You need someone who knows the industry, safety and what your people are actually doing in the field and the office. You need a company who can do their work without babysitting. We help reduce risk and provide that peace of mind when we visit any site because:

1. Eagle Eye leaders and people are all experienced construction professionals, OSHA 30 trained and have actually worked the industry in their life.

2. Eagle Eye is an insured company that protects you from any issues that may arise.

3. FAA Part 107 Licenses and additional drone insurance covers you from the sky.

Our Values

01 Don't apologize for speaking the truth
02 Never allow your present to guide your future
03 Don't be afraid to ask for help
04 Win as a team lose as a team
05 Raise the blue collar industry
06 Always shoot for perfection
07 Consistency breeds results
08 Be a leader
Bringing it all together
Bringing it all together

As a company, we discovered an issue. We created an approach to provide a solution to the problem we discovered. We put the people first and created directions on how to get there through our guidelines. Now as a team who provides a solution to the industries issues, without risk we intend on bringing it all together and provide you with the curriculum for success. Lets start this mission together.

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