Our Approach
Create a relationship with your team

The first step to our partnerships is to make a relationship with your team. We create content and consult first on social media and building your own community. Community is important to us and it is important for your team to find your own community, show off who you are and what you are doing.

Build a Foundation
Brand Development
Web Development
Company Structure
Employee Growth and training
Optimize Tactics
Photography / Videography

Eagle Eye specializes in providing nothing but the best quality photography and video to help show off the story behind your company. In everything we do, a personal connection is attached. We are here to bring that personal story to the world.

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A brand is more than a logo. A brand is a set of values your name stands for. Your company's reputation will hold your brand and grow your brand over time. Make it something memorable and unforgettable. What your branding looks like tells a lot about your business and how you hold yourselves.

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Web Design / Development

Our team partners with each client to clearly design, build and create a website that will perfectly fit your brand and show off your company properly. Your story, services and team should be shown. Draw people in through your websites to build your brand, draw leads and create an easy way for others to find you.

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Operational Development

Our team is focused on people. But not just any person. We are in the search for the RIGHT person to fit into your team, brand and culture. We are not your typical recruiting or head hunting company. We learn about your company, culture and get detailed into our search. We communicate directly with people to make sure they are a good fit for your company.

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Nowadays, it pays to be trained properly. We host and certify people in OSHA training, operator training, safety events, leadership development, etc. Our hands on training director will show you a detailed curriculum, cater food and rent the proper equipment. You just show up and we take care of the rest.

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How we help our clients

Our partners are companies that share the same values and mission as we do. We are here to build up the industry and through our partnerships, that's possible. We grow our partnerships with the understanding that we come on as an equal team, looking out for your best interests and sharing our resources as your resources. Come join us!

Finding quality people
Provide consistent quality media
Create a foundation for marketing/sales
Expand their image
Improve marketing techniques
Rise above the competition
Connect them with new clients
Use our resources while saving money
Show your company history
Growing revenue while reducing risk
Create or improve structure
Create a more engaging website
Develop a greater purpose & culture
Provide proof of competence
Branding that stands out
Meet Our Partners

"Forrest and Eagle Eye are total professionals as evidenced by the website they built for us www.mtcsg.com. From start to finish their group was easy to work with, provided high quality, cutting edge applications and did everything quickly. Forrest knows construction and contractors and understands our businesses very well. You'll be very happy with the service and expertise you receive from him and his team."

Neil Ryan
Mt. Carmel Stabilization Group

"Forrest and his team are top notch in the Construction marketing space. They take a one of a kind approach of always providing value first. They have talented staff that take the time to really pin down your needs as a company, and perfect a system of services to best suite your current goals. highly reliable and communicative. highly recommend 15 out of 10... Call Forrest Now. don't wait, from websites. to recruiting, to training, to marketing They can do it all..."

Ryan Lanser
Affordable Sites

"I’ve known Forrest for several years now and I’m happy to see him working in a field that he is so passionate about. Excellent media is what we expect and what we get from Eagle Eye. Anywhere from groundbreaking days, weekly/monthly updates, to intriguing and well-developed multimedia campaigns - I recommend Eagle Eye Productions."

Luke Key
LGE Builders

"Forrest is highly motivated to help with any project opportunity. He is thorough and detailed with any avenue to help your company's bottom line."

Ryan Kemp
Talley-Riggins Construction Group

"Forrest is an outside the box visionary thot brings tremendous value to any organization looking to tell their story in film or media. He is the future of construction and the future looks very bright.I highly recommend Forrest and his team at Eagle Eye."

Jeff Orsenigo
Buck Haven LLC

"If you are searching for a company that will put the needs of you and your people first above their own, Forrest and his team at Eagle Eye Productions are the right fit for you. Forrest leads with passion and humility which can be hard to find among business owners in the current market."

Trevor Martin
Manatt's Inc

"Integrity, determined, hard working, ethical, these are the qualities you get when you engage Forrest. I have known him for several years now and the thing that shines through with him is his consistent efforts to see the dirt world be a better place. This man clearly understands the word legacy!"

Mikel Bowman
Bowman Legacies
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