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Graham, NC
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Civil Contracting

Located in the Raleigh -  Durham, NC region, JMK Developers is a group that wants to build up the industry through teaching young guys character and trade skill that will far surpass most of veterans in these trades. Their bread and butter over the years have been excavation for large duct bank projects to help the data, telecommunications and electrical projects. Though they know this area really well, from the digging, to installation of conduit and pouring of the concrete, their teams have been expanding in the last few years to include many more services. For the past few years now, JMK is providing mass grading, excavation, wet utilities, concrete curb and more. This teams goal is to take any civil project from the clearing of the trees, right up to the point of vertical construction. One contractor under one contract. Making the developers and GC's jobs easy and reliable.

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