Vertical Earth

Cumming Georgia

Vertical Earth is a Civil Infrastructure company based out of Cumming, GA just North of Atlanta. They specialize in civil sitework, transportation and structures. With the ability to self perform a majority of the heavy lifting like crushing, shoring and quarry reclamation, Vertical Earth prides themselves in being able to take on any civil project from start to finish under one contractor.

Eagle Eye Productions is fortunate to partner with a group that is so dedicated to making their people better, their industry better and create an environment that focuses on bringing new generations to the workforce each day. Please take a look at some of the work we have completed for them thus far.

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Web Design

Vertical Earth, a North Georgia Civil Infrastructure company has partnered with Eagle Eye Productions to help design, build and launch their new website. Over the past years, they knew that having a professional, sleek and modern design is important. With our team to help, we were able to create the right platform to help show off their people, their services and better build their name online.

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